Southern Leyte – a Provincial Beauty in the Philippines That’s Travel Worthy

Native or foreigner alike, the Philippines is a wonder of country that’s worth touring or travelling to when you are searching for various places to go, cultures to discover, and beautiful locations to stay in. The Philippine archipelago has over 7,107 islands and over 81 provinces which are unique in their own way, there’s the Maskara festival for Bacolod, Sinulog Festival provinceof Southern Leyte is also a place that has its distinctiveness whether it’s the historical places or the festivities and celebrations being held there, this province is located in the Eastern Visayas region and its capital is in Maasin City and was once a sub province of Leyte before it was subdivided from the main region. The province also was ranked as the second least populated area in the region with only 390,000 plus inhabitants as of the census of 2007.

It is also notable that Southern Leyte was the birthplace of Christianity in the Philippines via the Limasawa Island where the first Christian mass was held. The province has also contributed to the economic development of the country by an inter-island transportation system and import quality Abaca products produced from gathered Abaca fibers. Southern Leyte is also a frequented vacation and travel destination; there are plenty of sights, sounds, and cultural experiences for anyone who is willing to immerse themselves into it.Always makesure to get in touch with a good travel agency or tourism center to get a good travel option going there whether by land or sea. Here are several highlights that deem the beauty of this provincial place travel worthy:

Land and Sea Destinations

The Southern Leyte area covers one fourth of the main island of Leyte and Surigao Strait to the east, Bohol Sea to the south, and Canigao Channel, across from Bohol, to the westernmost part. You’ll mostly see flatlands and coastal areas here during your visit. You can hike in the mountainous areas situated in Maasin City like Mount Nacolod in the Hinunangan town that has the highest peak with an elevation of 948 meters above sea level; it’s truly a breathtaking experience! You can also relax and doze off the day away within the cool shores of Hinunangan Beach under the shade of tropical coconut trees. Recently there was also an exciting sight of an old Spanish galleon that visited the Maasin shores late 2010 which was the Galeón Andalucía for the Dia de Galeon Festival in the Phillippines, over 17,800 visitors took sight of the sailing gallen which reminded several people of the Magellan expedition of the Philippines. One can also have an enjoyable leisure romp by scuba diving, the whale shark watching, and taking sight of coral reefs as well.

Celebrations and Festivities that Coincide with Religious Pageants and Events

With the provinces Christian roots, it is evident that until today some traditional celebrations and festivites are still being held. When visiting Southern Leyte, its best to go here when festivities are nearing for a fulfilling experience. Fiests meaning festivities are celebrated along with food, prayer, dance, and music. There are various dates for a fiesta celebration in this province like in Hinunangan where it’s during the 29th of June highlighted their celebration with the St. Peter and St. Paul Fluvial boat parade. There are also unique festivals like the Santo Niño which pay homage to the Holy Child Jesus as a patron saint, and then there’s also the cultural and anniversary program called Sinugdan which means “beginning” to celebrate the religious coming of the Spaniards every March 31 in the Limasawa Island.

Other Places of Interest and Travel Tips that will help

When you’re visiting Southern Leyte for the first time, make sure to get good accomodations from well known hotels like Ampil Pensione, Southern Comforts and Villa Romana Hotel. You’re guranteed good travel prices for your stay and have a good tourism location spot to point you to the right direction in your vacation. Also, make sure to travel via concrete roads in transportation options like buses or jeeps to travel there as soon as you can and not get delays in roadless paths. Take time to look at places like Sogod Bay Scuba Resort, San Pablo and San Pedro islands across the blue channel,and other beautiful provincial stops that this place can give you.

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